Monday, January 23, 2012

Organic Apple Webinar This Thursday

Lorraine Berkett and Terence Bradshaw of the University of Vermont will be presenting a webinar through eOrganic on their Current Research on Organic Production of Ginger Gold, Honeycrisp, Zestar!, Macoun, and Liberty Apples.

The webinar is free and begins at 2 pm Eastern time.

About the webinar:

Presenters: Lorraine P. Berkett, Ph.D., Dept. of Plant & Soil Science, University of Vermont, OrganicA Project Coordinator and Researcher; and Terence L. Bradshaw, M.S., Dept. of Plant & Soil Science, University of Vermont, Orchard Manager and Researcher.

After extensive grower input, the multi-state, multi-disciplinary OrganicA Project was initiated in 2006 through a USDA OREI grant to holistically examine the opportunities and challenges of organic production within two major orchard systems growers are using to change to new cultivars and with five of the top apple cultivars that growers identified as important to the future of the industry in New England. Growers want to know what the potential is for sustainable and profitable organic production with the newer apple cultivars that are being planted in the region. The orchard systems are: (i) a new orchard planted with young trees purchased from a nursery and (ii) a “top-grafted” orchard, i.e., an established, older orchard onto which new cultivars are grafted. Research results will be presented.

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