Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Agriculture is the Nation's Largest Employer

In response to yesterday's post on Agricultural Degrees, I wanted to pass this message on from an outstanding Extension professional in Hendry County, Florida, Gene McAvoy. You can follow Gene on Twitter, @SWFLVegMan

"Agriculture is the nation's largest employer with more than 23 million jobs (that is 17% of the civilian workforce involved in some facet of American Agriculture).

Without it we would be hungry and naked… and would lack many other intangible benefits that American’s value - open spaces, wildlife, clean water etc. Not to mention the safest, most abundant food supply on the planet.

I encourage you to print out the attached photo and display it prominently in your shop, office, barn - share it with friends.

American’s farmers and ranchers leading the way to economic recovery."

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Thomas said...

Interesting, though last numbers I saw it was 3% of the population that actively is engaged in farming/ranching. Which is no where near this number, I wonder how far into the food system they had to extend their counting to get this number. Food service perhaps?