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Agritourism is a "commercial enterprise at a working farm, ranch, or agricultural plant conducted for the enjoyment of visitors that generates supplemental income for the owner".  Other terms often used for this segment of farming are are agri-tainment, agri-tourism, farms to visit or entertainment farming.  Agritourism is growing in popularity because consumers are interested in farm experiences or connecting with their local source of farm products.

Types of agritourism enterprises include:
  • On-farm direct sales (u-pick, roadside stands, CSAs)
  • Educational Tours, Demonstrations and school groups (wineries, animal fiber spinning, cheese making, cooking classes)
  • Seasonal activities or festivals (corn maze, sleigh rides, hayrides, barn dances)
  • Nature-based tourism (birding, hunting, fishing, ecology, garden walks)
  • Outdoor recreation (horseback riding, hunting, fishing, trapping, shooting)
  • Rural or heritage tours and demonstrations (Historic re-creations, antique farm equipment, etc)
  • Hospitality services (haycations or farm statys, weddings, bed and breakfasts, guided tours)
    These agritourism activities are a way for a farm to market themselves as well as their products.  Inviting customers on the farm for various farm-related activities can result in the sale of additional farm products.

    Here is a list of useful links for individuals interested in starting an agritourism enterprise.


    NC and Rutgers Webinars and Fact Sheets
    Other Resources

    Planning and Other Considerations

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    • Sznajder, M., Przezborska, L, & Scrimgeour, F. (2009).  Agritourism.  Oxfordshire, UK: CABI.
    If you are in the Appalachian Mountain Region, make sure you have your business listed in the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project's Local Food Guide in the Farms to Visit Section.

    There are several services that can help you to market your agritourism business.  A few are listed below.


    Farm Stays
    Pick Your Own