Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pest News June 24

The latest edition of the NC Pest News is now available.

In this latest edition:
  1. Cucurbit downy mildew recommendations for 2011
  2. Cucurbit powdery mildew recommendations fro 2011
Cucurbit downy mildew has been found in NC in more eastern counties. It has not been found in WNC, yet. We are actively scouting as afternoon thundershowers and storms from the south could provide inoculum and suitable conditions for disease development. There have been no forecasts on the Cucurbit Downy Mildew Forecasting Website for disease development in our area. However, if you think you have this disease, please visit your local extension office for confirmation.

Downy mildew symptoms on cucumber leaf.

Downy mildew sporulation on the underside of a cucumber leaf.

The fungus that causes cucurbit powdery mildew is a very different pathogen than the water mold pathogen that causes cucurbit downy mildew. Cucurbit powdery mildew likes warm, humid conditions (the humidity within a plant canopy provides ideal conditions). The pathogen does not like wet conditions, but water will spread the pathogen spores to other plants.

Powdery mildew on a squash leaf.

Powdery mildew on the stem of a squash plant.

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