Friday, June 3, 2011

NC Pest News for June 3

Squash bug adults feeding on the stem of squash. Squash bugs love to hide below plastic!

Squash bug nymphs just hatched from bronze eggs.

This week's issue of NC Pest News is now available. It includes a review of strawberry disease issues from 2011 and the vegetable insect update. The insect update discusses the pest in the photo above, the squash bug. We have been seeing many squash bugs in WNC as of late, as well as cucumber beetles, a few stink bugs and thrips.

You can receive vegetable pest updates from North Carolina State University via Facebook (NCSU Vegetable Entomology) and Twitter (ncsuveg).

Check out these cucumber beetles feeding on summer squash! (below).

To view past issues of NC Pest News click here.

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