Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CSA On-Line Resource

I came across this CSA on-line resource today reading "Growing for Market" and would like to know if any Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) producers are using it.

The CSA Tool was developed by David Haynes, who helped to manage the largest CSA in Utah, and is supposed to help growers save time. From the website:

"With the tools in this Toolbox you can communicate easily with your customers, quickly do your paperwork and handle your billing, take payments and contact only those members you want to notify. This will help you cut down the time spent in the office allowing you to do what you enjoy, farming. We have tips, highlights and ideas that will help you increase your income with the crops you are already growing."

  • Membership Management,
  • Pick-Up Site Management,
  • Share Management,
  • Email Broadcaster,
  • Billing Systems, and
  • Reporting Systems
Let us know if you use this resource to manage your CSA or are thinking about using the CSA ToolBox.
Or if you have another resource that helps to save you time on the farm, let us know about it.

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