Friday, October 2, 2009

Haywood County Fair

The Haywood County Fair began this week in Waynesville. The fair features carnival rides, camel rides, square dancing, live, local music, tractor pulls, local craft exhibits, livestock shows, bingo and more!

This year I was involved with the fruit, vegetable and horticultural competition. I was impressed with the entries, especially this late in the season and after all of the rain we have been experiencing. Jim, a fair volunteer who has been involved for many years, has been keeping track of the number of entries in the vegetable and plant and flower competition. Jim calculated that vegetable entries were down more than 11% and flower and plant entries were down more than 21% from last year!

Still, the entries were outstanding and it was very hard for the judges to decide on winners.

This year the top prizes in the vegetable competition went to...

Blue Rosette: Hardneck garlic

Red Rosette: Herb bouquet with basil, sage, rosemary, parsley and more

White Rosette: Potatoes

Some honorable mentions were beautiful pink tomatoes (no pic- sorry!),

Oxheart carrot,

Braided carrots,

A fingerling potato shaped like a puffin,

American chestnuts,

and a 1-pound apple!

In the Plant and Flower competition the top prizes went to...

Blue Rosette: A perfect lavender rose, with not a spot of black spot!

Red Rosette: Angel Wing Begonia

White Rosette: A stunning Wildflower Basket

Some honorable mentions in this category were:

A festive vegetable arrangement,

and a gorgeous Dahlia Basket!

The Haywood County Fair runs from Sept 29 - Oct 4. Go check out the fun!

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