Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Small Fruits News Now Available

The latest edition of Small Fruits News is now available.

In this issue:
  1. Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium (SRSFC) Receives 2012 National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Partnership Award
  2. New Blueberry Varieties Being Readied for Sale
  3. N.C. State’s “Pack ‘N Cool” Provides Farmers with Mobile Refrigeration Solution
  4. Can Pilfering PYO Pickers Be Pinched?
  5. New Organic Strawberry Production Manual
  6. Western, Southern States Lead Blueberry Surge
  7. Von, a New Thornless Floricane-Fruiting Blackberry
  8. Bacterial Diseases of Blueberry and Their Potential for Impact in the Southeast
  9. Eastern Spotted Wing Drosophila Working Group Meets
  10. 'Faith’, ‘Hope’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Gratitude’ Seedless Table Grapes for Local Markets
  11. Blackberry and Raspberry Seasonal Checklist Fall 2012
  12. Strawberry Seasonal Checklist
Small Fruits News is a product of the Southern Region Small Fruits Consortium. http://www.smallfruits.org/

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