Monday, May 3, 2010

Henderson County Father and Son Team Featured in Times-News

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate some local growers.

Stepp's Plants, etc. is a great local farm in Henderson County that is run by father and son team Larry Stepp Sr. and Larry Stepp Jr. The pair have a great dynamic and it is a joy to talk and learn with them. The Stepps grow a wide variety of small fruits, asparagus, diverse vegetables, bedding plants and hanging baskets.

Recently, the duo was featured in the Hendersonville Times-News. They even shot a video (below).

To read the entire article, visit "Son Leaves Corporate World to Join Dad in a New Farming Venture".

You can find Stepp's Plants, etc on Facebook.
Visit Stepp's Plants, etc! Stepp's Plants, etc and other local farms will be part of ASAP's Family Farm Tour on June 26 and 27!


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