Friday, November 6, 2009

Physiological, Nutritional and Other Disorders of Tomato Fruit

Tomatoes with 'rain check', due to excessive rainfall.

Tomato producers face challenges every year. Some of these problems are pests and diseases, but some are related to nutrient deficiencies, some are caused by environmental conditions or genetic variations and some are physiological in nature.

The publication "Physiological, Nutritional, and Other Disorders of Tomato Fruit" by Dr. Stephen M. Olson of the University of Florida is an excellent resource. Dr. Olson describes these problems and gives possible causes or explanations for them, as well as possible control measures. The publication has some great pictures!

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Heather said...

He loves it when growers and extension agents are able to put his work to use. I'll pass along that you liked the resource.